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LARC attend the 16th East Eurasia International workshop
2019-09-29 15:28:06 Read:Print

Researchers from Lake Resilience Center (LARC) attended The 16th East Eurasia International Workshop held in Mongolia from 16th to 20th September in 2019. The purpose of the workshop is to exchange information on present earth surface processes and long-term environmental changes in East Asia for sustainable Earth, and establishing mutual understanding on earth environment, especially in East Asia. Main topics includes paleohydrology, paleolimnology and paleoenvironment, present lake-catchment processes, interaction of natural and human-induced ecosystem changes, as well as modeling and forecasting environment changes. This year’s workshop attracted more than 60 registered participants from 6 nations including China, Korea, Germany, Russia, Mongolia, and Japan, with 24 oral and 28 posters sessions.


Six oral presentation were given by researchers from LARC, including East Asian Monsoon changes since late Quaternary from lake sediments, abrupt ecosystem changes during Holocene and Anthropocene, as well as regime shift and early warning signals from regional synthesis. Topics about ecosystem abrupt change has attracted intensive attention and discussion during the workshop. As a result, young scientists from China, Korean and Japan proposed to apply an international joint projects focus on ecosystem tipping point leading by LARCS, to further enchase the collocation, especially for young scientist in the East Asian regions. At the end of the workshop, committee members announced that the 17th EEIW workshop will be held in Kunming, China, 2020, which will organized by Lake resilience center, NIGLAS.