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Early Warnings of Critical Transition

There is a recognized need to anticipate tipping points, or critical transitions, in social–ecological systems. We combine empirical data from a lake-catchment system with a mathematical model and show that flickering can be detected from sparse data. We show how rising variance coupled to decreasing autocorrelation and skewness started 10–30 years before the transition to eutrophic lake conditions in both the empirical records and the model output, a finding that is consistent with flickering rather than critical slowing down. Our results suggest that if environmental regimes are sufficiently affected by large external impacts that flickering is induced, then early warning signals of transitions in modern social–ecological systems may be stronger, and hence easier to identify, than previously thought.


 See more detials: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v492/n7429/full/nature11655.html