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Our Center
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Humanity faces a major global challenge in achieving wellbeing for all, while simultaneously ensuring that the biophysical processes and ecosystem services that underpin wellbeing are exploited within scientifically informed boundaries of sustainability. Solving this wicked problem need new perspective. A “complex systems approach” for sustaining and repairing ecosystems is beginning to emerge, explicitly linking ecological resilience to governance structures, economics and society (e.g. Rockstrm et al. 2009, Hughes et al. 2013, Levin et al. 2013). Innovative global research initiatives such as Future Earth ( initiated in 2014) recognize the urgent need to understand the dynamics of intertwined human-natural. Therefore, coping with large-scale ecological and societal change, protecting ecosystem functions, and achieving sustainable development will all require a more rigorous integration of multiple research disciplines.

As a harbinger of global environment change, China is undergoing unprecedented social and ecological shifts. Understanding evolution of dynamics social-ecological system in China through time  is a crucial step for future sustainable development.  However, research focus on resilience and dynamics of social-ecological system are still few and scattered. A new center are timely and needed.

Our vision

 A global hub for integrated social-ecological system research to generate new scientific knowledge necessary for sustaining the ecosystem goods and services, via world-leading innovative research.



I) contributing toward theoretical advances in the dynamics of complex adaptive systems,

II) Conduct research from a resilience lens through empirical and model research. 

III) developing guidelines and principles to assess the resilience of coupled human-natural systems.